Worried Your Social Media Isn't Working?

Hello! Is anyone out there? We know social media can be overwhelming and it's hard to tell if you're even doing it right.

Here’s your chance to have an expert Social Media Manager audit a social media account and provide feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Most agencies charge anywhere from $300-$5,000 for an audit, but we are auditing one of your accounts absolutely FREE!

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    What is an audit?

    A social media audit takes a comprehensive look at your platforms to see what’s working to get you visibility, engagement, and more customers.

    An audit reviews your bio, branding, messaging, views, engagement and much more to determine if your account is running fully optimized to get results.

    How will it help?

    • Show how well your accounts are performing
    • Shows what should be changed
    • Helps you determine what your focus should be moving forward